Happy Birding Journal

Take the Tutorial for an in-depth look at the features.

This is a powerful application for helping you track your birds from anywhere and any time using your Android device.

This is not a field guide for identification but rather a way to track your birding and share your experiences with other Happy Birding Journal users. Start the application and choose the checklist you want to use and download. We are adding more checklists all the time and if there is one you would like to see, please let us know.

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Type in a name of a bird and your GPS can pinpoint your location or you can type in any location name you want to use such as a local address or anything that helps you remember where the sighting was.

You can change checklists for different locations. Say you live in a certain state and you travel to another for business or vacation. You can change the checklist to that state and sort your information to record that period of time separately. Then when you get back home, save your checklist, then simply change back to your regular checklist.

From your daily or casual list called 'Journal' or your 'Life List', you can sort your information for any time period you choose. Simply select the dates and create your own custom time period.