Initial Setup

Upon first usage, a screen prompting you to enter a Nickname and a Location is shown. These are only used when you choose to share a bird recording of your own from your Journal.

After clicking the 'CREATE USER' button, the database will be initialized. This prepares the database by creating the tables needed, along with providing a default checklist. After the database has been initialized, the 'Main Menu' screen appears.

Select 'MY JOURNAL'. The 'My Journal' screen appears. Unless this is an upgrade, the list will be empty. This is a list you can use for daily entries, or just to record casual bird sightings during your daily activities.

Adding a Bird

Now we can go ahead and add a bird to our list. Tap the 'ADD BIRD' tab. An entry form for a new bird is presented.

For an example, lets say we seen a European Green Woodpecker on February 10, 2018. Start by typing the name of the bird, and the auto-complete will try and find a match. Select the name from the dropdown.

After selecting the name and date, if the GPS is active, it will place the Latitude and Longitude coordinates in the 'Bird Location' box. Note that you can put anything you wish here, including city names, or anything to help you remember where you saw the bird. It is helpful to enter something along the lines of a city or address so when you view the entry later, it can be pinpointed on a map. Click 'ENTER BIRD' to complete the entry.

Pressing the 'SET LOCATION' button will bring up a map where you can pinpoint the location of the bird sighting. Press 'SET LOCATION' to set the location. Note that you will need a wifi or data connection to set the location in this manner.

After entering the bird, it will appear in the list. This is our first entry. Note that the bird gets automatically entered into the Life List if not previously entered.

Journal Activities

Go ahead and tap an entry in the Journal. Note that the 'Life List' works in a similar fashion. The details of the entry are shown along with 3 options: EDIT, SHARE, and ADD TO LIFE LIST. Here you can edit the bird's details, share the bird for others to see, or add it to your Life List.

Tap the map icon by an entry in the Journal and if there is a wifi or data connection available, it will attempt to find the location entered, whether it be GPS coordinates, or an address. Here, a 'European Green Woodpecker's' location is pinpointed. Note that the 'Life List' and 'Shared' birds both have the same feature.

From the Journal's menu, there are various ways to sort the entries, merge with the currently used checklist, hide/unhide thumbnails, or deleting all entries.