Target Shooting Practice

This application was originally designed for the casual target shooter in mind, in which he/she could get help deciphering the current conditions which effect bullet performance.

Features include:

  • 3D Target Range Mode
  • 3D/2D Random Condition Modes
  • 3D/2D Manual Modes

    There are 2 versions of our Target Shooting Practice application - Paid and Free.

    Get Target Shooting Practice at Google Play Store.

    Target Range -
    This mode puts you in full 3D where you can select ammunition, a choice of ranges, and targets. Levels vary in difficulty and in order to proceed to subsequent levels, a certain level of accuracy is required.

    Manual Input -
    Choose this mode and you can manually enter distances to targets, sight-in range, zero range, their respective velocities, sight height above bore, wind speed and direction, and a choice to include an average group size.

    Random Conditions -
    Choose this mode and a random condition will be generated for you. A unique wind speed, direction, bullet velocities, average group size, target distance, sight-in distance, and target, sight-in and muzzle velocities.

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